Strong Opinions Weakly Typed

Andrew Warner

Software Engineer and technology enthusiast
CTO at Genius



I’m Andrew Warner. I studied Computer Science and Psychology at Wesleyan University. I have worked at companies large and small and with tech stacks ranging from Java/Spring to Ruby on Rails. I’m currently the Director of Engineering at Genius, where I’m working on creating technology to annotate all of text.

Before joining Genius, I worked at Loosecubes, where I was a Lead Engineer and briefly CTO, and at The Ladders, where I was a Lead Engineer and scrum master.

In my spare time, I love coding up projects that make my life easier. Some cool examples are Ghost Dog, which helps you wrangle method_missing in Ruby, and Sports Scraper (bad name!) which scrapes ESPN for fantasy football info and provides a better interface for last-minute drafting decisions. On the non-coding side, I enjoy playing squash, watching my beloved Patriots and Red Sox, playing lawn games, swimming, and karaoke.