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Andrew Warner

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CTO at Genius

My First Blog Post

This is my first blog post! I setup up my blog using Octopress, which was incredibly easy. They’ve got some great guides on their site, but just to give you a sense of exactly how easy it is, I simply:

  • Created a repository on github named - the standard naming conventions that Github Pages expects if I want to resolve to this blog
  • Cloned Octopress via git clone git://, ran bundle
  • Next step was to run rake setup_github_pages
  • Then it’s as simple as rake generate and rake deploy!
  • Creating this blog post just involved running rake new_post["My first blog post"]

The writing process is extremely simple - just run rake preview until it looks right, and then rake deploy after committing your changes.

Not that I should be surprised, but using Octopress is really a breeze, and I highly recommend it to anybody looking to crank out a quick blog with minimal setup and maintenance.